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Mack (Sam Worthington) comes from a disturbing family background. His father was an alcoholic and a physical abuser.  Raised in the farmlands of USA’s mid west, Mack’s coping mechanism in such strife comes in the form of religion, and in adulthood he finds an equally passionate Christian called Nan (Radha Mitchell) with whom they form the perfect family with two girls and one boy. Given the traumas of his past, Mack adopts the role of the father he never had and while his wife stays at home, he takes the children out on a camping adventure in the woods by a lake where there are other campers. But what was meant to be a most idyllic time turns into the worst nightmare imaginable for any parent, and the shack in the woods is where this tragedy meets its sordid end.

Whilst this may sound like a horror film, it is more a spiritual fantasy and hence a 12A rating despite some of its themes. Not for the faint hearted or the cynical, THE SHACK is a brave actor’s film about letting go, forgiveness and learning to love again. But it is also a life lesson in what happens to our society when children are not allowed to be children. Poetic but shocking. THE SHACK has grossed over four times its investment and just goes to show that simplicity and original ideas can be profitable at low risk in a marketplace that is currently pandering to China’s desire for big CGI and 3D. When this runs out, Hollywood will turn to film makers and writers with a vision.

The Shack Movie Poster

Watch THE SHACK today at a cinema near you. Directed by Stuart Hazeldine and screenplay by John Fusco, Andrew Lanhem and Destin Cretton.  Based on the book by William P. Young, Wayne Jacobsen and Brad Cummings.

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