Lloyd Kaufman and film festivals

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Hi everyone, we are patiently waiting for our book to be finalised so we can then self release “Who Killed British Cinema?” the film and the book at the same time. We hope you can understand how difficult it can be for indie filmmakers to self release and publish work and at the same time, try and gain the most exposure possible. But we are excited as we truly believe that many of you will really benefit with the resource that we hope to put out and we hope in the future that you can use us to help release your films, books, short films and art work where you can keep 90% of any returns.

With over 120 video clips to release which have never been seen before, if there are any marketing experts out there who would like to volunteer and helps us to gain some exposure with our press release and marketing strategy please do get in touch.

In the meantime here is another exclusive clip of the king of truly independent cinema, the one and only Lloyd Kaufman from Troma Films if you have not seen The Toxic Avenger or Class of Nuke ‘Em High then you can rectify this here and don’t forget to subscribe.

Troma Entertainment logo Lloyd Kaufman and film festivals

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Do you think it is possible for film festivals to watch every single submission? Has the word independent been hijacked?

Lloyd Kaufman and film festivals

And while we’ve got you thinking about elitism at the big festivals like Sundance, let us give a quick plug to a totally different, new film festival we spoke to recently that’s on the same page as us, seeks to champion emerging talent, and fights against this kind of nepotism and corruption: the UK Emerging Talent short film festival. They have the biggest shorts cash prize in Europe, a totally unique judgement manifesto, and loads of other cool ways they stand out from the crowd. Click the link!

Happy New year everyone, let’s hope this year will be a prosperous new year for all.

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