Cast & Crew

Robin Dutta – Director/Producer/Editor

Robin is the co-founder of Quota Films Limited. He has an extensive background from the Television industry having worked on various programs for the BBC such as Top Gear, Gardeners World, Tomorrows World and other television stations over a twelve year period. Robin trained as a cameraman for seven years working for numerous award-winning industry cameramen, until setting up RKD Films, producing various film projects for organizations across the UK.

Working as an independent producer has given Robin the chance to prove his skills as a writer, director, and editor for many corporations within the UK, continually exceeding expectations. Robin, as a producer, is an award winner – Humanitarian Short Film ‘Protest’ Malescorto International Film Festival 2005.

Vinod Mahindru – ALFS Director/Producer/Writer

Vinod is the co founder of Quota Films Limited .He studied TV and audio production in 1988 at the Sandwell College of Further and Higher Education, still photography at the Birmingham Institute of art and design, before gaining a substantial award to study at the then London International Film School, now The London Film School.

Upon graduating in 1998, he endeavored to produce independent shorts of which some were exhibited at small festivals both in Europe and within our shores with grant aid from The British Council.

Their freelance film group, Marshall Mahindru, were awarded a full ‘Awards for All’ grant in 2001 where they were able to further develop and produce two more short dramas on 16mm and 35mm formats. From this, he was able to develop their small independent film and video group which began freelance employment from 2003 where a lot of their work was, and still is, community based and within the charity sector.

In 2006, Marshall Mahindru evolved into Cinemarx, whereupon in partnership with RKD Films, produced numerous video productions within the UK.

The Cast


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