BECTU sector of Prospect union screening of Who Killed British Cinema? 17th October 2017

Who Killed British Cinema poster landscape

If you would like to attend this free BECTU event at The Cinema Museum, Kennington London on the 17th October doors opening at 5.30pm please register at

Who Killed British Cinema poster landscape

Taken 2 years but we are finally here.  The screening of “Who Killed British Cinema?” by Media and Entertainment union BECTU sector of Prospect.   The feature documentary that is yet to be made public.  The feature documentary that some bodies do not want you to see and they have good reason too.

This film although officially completed in 2015 is more relevant today than it ever has been, as we notice our film industry disintegrate.  It has been 5 years since the Lord Chris Smith Report The Future of British Film“, it has been 7 years since the BFI have took over the duties of the UK Film Council and it has been 7 years since Creative England was founded.  What difference have you noticed with indigenous British film?  What films have you watched at the multiplex recently?

The minority who work in the industry maybe upset with us as we kick their apple cart, but there is a lot more of us producing our own features with no hope for distribution or to ever reach an audience; there are more students doing media and film than ever before, but can you see the next Ken Loach, Mike Hodges, David Puttnam or Alan Parker?  Are audiences already starting to rebel at the lack of choice in the cinema?  Have a sneak peak at the empty theatres showing the remakes and sequels and killing any hope for a voice.  Don’t get us wrong we love Hollywood films and this has never been an attack on Hollywood, we want films to be made here, but our own voices have been stamped on; there are no opportunities; there is no such thing as a free market!

The fight goes on for the reintroduction of a Quota in our theatres for the eventual rebirth of indigenous film in Britain.

I would also like to use this opportunity to say that we have finished our book and we will be announcing the release date at the screening along with the film, so at some stage we hope you can own both the book and the DVD.  We may even have some books to pass around at the screening.

Some of the guests we have confirmed for the night will include Nick McCaffery distributor and writer, Jonathan Gems screenwriter of Mars Attacks! Also co author of Who Killed British Cinema? the book, Vinod Mahindru co author and co director of Who Killed British Cinema? and Robin Dutta co director Who Killed British Cinema?

Filmmakers, Students if you are looking to make some extra cash and would be interested in holding your own screening of the film please get in touch, we will throw in some free merchandise also.


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