A feature length documentary about the real state of the British film industry in relation to UK structures past, present and currently for the future. This film exposes the shocking truths about the UK Governments’ will to grow an indigenous British film industry, the legacy and testament of the now closed UK Film Council (UKFC), the current British Film Institute and the new Creative England.
Purely in respect of the public money spent, this film challenges the notion that art is unquantifiable, highlights the question of the ‘jobs for the boys’ culture that exists in Britain, and questions the importance of a sustainable indigenous film culture that truly reflects Britain and which can be sold all over the World.

The lack of any vertically integrated studio set up in Britain, the tax incentives for filmmakers alongside the virtual print fees are just some of the arguments put forward in this analysis, until the final revelation of why Britain does not want a film industry!

Interviews with Oscar, BAFTA and Palme d’Or winners, up and coming British film makers from the grass roots, film industry insiders, journalists and distributors, the CNC and members of Parliament all form to unveil an astonishing polemic as to why no UK Government since Prime Minister Harold Wilson has attempted to activate any real sustainable change.

With contributors such as Academy Award® winner Sir David Lean (archive), Academy Award® winner Sir Ben Kingsley, Academy Award® winner Lord David Puttnam, Sir Alan Parker, Mike Hodges, Ken Loach, Stephen Frears, Jonathan Gems, Michael Kuhn, Sir Gerald Kaufman MP, and Lord Chris Smith.

Who Killed British Cinema? was made on location in the United Kingdom and France.

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Happy New Year everyone. The year we finally release the film and book. 

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“Who Killed British Cinema?” – The Documentary Stirring Up the UK Indie Film Industry

On Monday 9th March, Zander and I were lucky enough to attend a screening of the feature documentary “Who Killed British Cinema?”  Using exclusive interviews with Oscar, BAFTAand Palme d’Or winners, up and coming British film makers, film industry insiders, journalists, distributors, the CNC and members of UK Parliament, Robin Dutta...

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Happy New Year to all. Mark this date in your calendar 1st February 2018! ...

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Screening of Who Killed British Cinema? at The Cinema Museum went fantastically well last night. Thank you to #bectu #prospect and everyone who attended. ...

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